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We ship tasty food and treats to more than 30 States, to Europe, and to cities as far as Dubai, so give us a try. We hold Monthly Classes. Contact us for your private event. Chef Ash: Inspiring the world, one spoon at a time.


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Classic Fresh Service

As a Personal Chef my approach is to treat my patrons like family. When cooking for loved ones, I can’t help but go beyond culinary technique and prepare food and meals from the heart.

Our dishes reflect the freshest ingredients cooked simply and beautifully with lighter sauces that enhance rather than conceal.

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Featured Delicacies

Fresh food shipped with reheating instructions.

All meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients.

$35 - $50

Akra (malanga roots fritters) is one of the most popular finger food from Haïti. A mixture of malanga roots and creole spices.

$30 - $50

Haitian Kibby is a mixture of couscous/ bulgar wheat, creole spices, and ground beef. A hollow shell of a delicious treat. 

$40 - $60

Epis: Tasty spice to elevate your food preparation.


The tasty hot sauce for all occasions


Delicious book guide to beautiful skin , detox , energy, focus, lose unwanted weight.


Kokiyol is a popular sweet and delicious treat from Haiti. Kokiyol is a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and shortening.


Chanm Chanm, Yummy


Tasty pickles to elevate your food and please your palate.


Great for gut cleansing, and also kick start your weight loss journey. 100% vegan, organic and fresh.

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Monthly Cooking Class

Book Private Chef Ash for your family meals packages or that special occasion.

Chef Ash

Contact us for booking. We accommodate to your likes and dislikes.

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